Having Lunch with Three Year Olds

I am a teacher of three-year-olds at Primrose School of Dublin. Everyday I eat lunch with my class. Lunch can be a busy time. I must serve the kids food and help them clean up as they finish. They can make some enormous messes. Can you imagine taco day with three-year-olds? There’s cheese, meat, and lettuce everywhere… and guess who gets to clean it up? Being with young kids is lively. They say hilarious things. For example, I was asking the kids to raise their hands if they wanted more tacos and as I ask the child with the raised hand if they wanted more they say, “No, I just wanted to tell you I’m going to Mexico.” When I asked their parents later if they were going, they said no. My kids want love to make up stories and with their imaginative brains always make up the best ones. While lunch is busy, I always enjoy this time the most because I really get time to sit and chat with my students about anything they want to share about. Even if it is about a fake trip to Mexico!


Slice of Life: The Best Feeling in the World

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are loved! Today when I walked into my preschool classroom, I felt like a celebrity as each of students came running to me, calling my name, and wanting a hug. They all said they missed me this morning and were concerned as to why I was at school so late. It brought tears of joy to my eyes as I reflected about how much we have grown together as a class. My little preschoolers are growing up to be big boys and girls. I am so proud of all the progress we have made.

When I started the year, I was told I had the worse class in the building. My goal ever since then has been to help my class prove the whole building wrong. Together, we have done just that! Everyone now says, “Wow, I cant believe how well your class does during centers” or “Wow, your kids are being so quiet!” These kids just needed a little extra love and patience. They were not the worse class in the whole building. These boys and girls are smart and creative, they love with all their heart, and are passionate about everything! I could not have asked anything more out of this group!! They have taught me so much about teaching, building impactful relationships, and how to stay positive. I am so privilege to have been a part of these kids developmental milestones! What is even more heart warming is hearing that the kids say they miss me when they are at home and one kid even refers to me as “My Miller” instead of “Ms. Miller.” His mom tried to correct him and he said “no mom, she is My Miller.” I’m glad that he is enjoying school and has such a positive relationship with his teachers!   It truly is the best feeling to be loved!

Thought I would share my celebration!! Hope all of you experience this love with your kids or students!

Slice of Life: My Pets

For my mom’s Valentine’s Day present, my dad got her a puppy. He is a puggle (pug and beagle mix). We named him Mad Max which now I’m starting to think is a jinx. When Max first arrived at his new home, he was calm and sweet. He loved cuddling up with you and enjoyed just walking around the house as he got used to his surroundings. That lasted maybe two days. Now he is the most hyper-active dog I have ever seen in my life. He jumps on everything, chews on anything, and tries to get the other dogs we have rowdy too.

Today, for example, he came up to my room all cute and sweet. I thought maybe he wanted to curl up on my bed and watch the morning news with me. Boy was I wrong! He took my slipper off my foot and ran off with it. Not only did he take it, but also he hid it. I could not find it anywhere. It took me ten minutes before I found it under our sofa. The dog is a menace! Like I said, I think our name for him jinxed his personality. He will forever be our mad dog, who gets into everything and tries to destroy everything in his wake. Don’t get me wrong, the dog is very cute, but I cannot wait for him to get out of his puppy stage.

Dog owners out there, if you have any suggestions on puppy training, I am all ears! We definitely are going to need help with this one!!TTTTidysasiudsgfhus

Slice of Life- Stressful Classrooms

My goal for this challenge was to write a post everyday. Sadly I was unable to post last night all due to a migraine. My post today will center around my stresses in the classroom and how I deal with them. I hope that any first year teachers or even veteran teachers might find this post helpful.

I am going to start with the fact that my kids are great! At times though, I am clueless on how to help them succeed in our structured environment. I teach at a center that runs like a school for preschool aged children. If you have ever been around 3-4 year olds, then you know they like to express themselves freely, test boundaries, and play creatively. While some of these traits can be very positive, at times they can negatively effect my classroom as well. Lately, my students have been harming each other to the point that I am writing incident reports everyday. This was not my classroom a month ago. Everything I try, from moving kids to other groups, playing more movement games, talking about our rules, and role playing how to handle conflict have not been very successful. Luckily I have lots of support from the other teachers in the building. Yesterday, I went to a couple of other classrooms and brainstormed ideas. I am very excited to try these new ideas and hope to see a change in my class.

Something I have learned over the years of my young teaching career is to not to be afraid to admit that you need help. There are so many people out there who can help support you if you just take the time to use them. I am so happy I learned this early because it truly does help me feel like I’m not alone out there. I encourage teachers out there to use each other as a resource. Sometimes others can see things that you might not. We are all in this together!

Slice of Life: Movie Review-Focus

Tonight my fiancé and I went to see a Will Smith movie called Focus! It just came out and is very good if you like action/ thriller movies. The movie is all about a con man who teaches a woman how to be a good con artist. During the entire movie I was completely shocked by how the main characters kept tricking each other. I most definitely want to buy this movie when it comes out and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a date night movie. This movie contains action, thrill, romance, comedy all into one film. I do not regret seeing this movie and neither will you!

Slice of Life: Cafe Read Allote

Being a teacher is the most rewarding career for someone who aspires to be the difference and change in the world they want to see. I love being a part of the education community as both a Preschool teacher at Primrose School of Dublin and a student teacher at Dublin Scioto. My first Slice of Life post is attributed to my students at Dublin Scioto.

On Thursday, February 26th, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a school wide event called Café Read Allote. At the event, I was able to watch my students teach others about their cultures and experiences in their native countries. We have been working so hard on their presentations the past three weeks. I was amazed to see how all the projects came together and so proud to see my class share their life experiences with the community. It was truly a rewarding experience for my students and myself. They worked so hard and made a lasting impression in not only my heart, but also the community’s as well.

These moments in teaching are what makes the job more than a job. I love any opportunity to learn and to see my students making a difference. I came home from the event with so much knowledge about cultures around the world. This in turn gave me so much insight into my students lives. What a privilege to be able to have this experience with my students. I challenge any teacher out their to create events or assignments like this one where the students can share their lives and teach you a little about themselves and the world around them.

I want to thank all of my students for working hard and sharing a Slice of their Lives with me. I cannot wait to get to know about each of you more!!

A Note to my Readers: My goal is to write everyday in March to meet the Slice of Life challenge by twowritingteachers. Hope you enjoy the stories about my everyday life!