Being a teacher is the most rewarding career for someone who aspires to be the difference and change in the world they want to see. I love being a part of the education community as both a Preschool teacher at Primrose School of Dublin and a student teacher at Dublin Scioto. My first Slice of Life post is attributed to my students at Dublin Scioto.

On Thursday, February 26th, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a school wide event called Café Read Allote. At the event, I was able to watch my students teach others about their cultures and experiences in their native countries. We have been working so hard on their presentations the past three weeks. I was amazed to see how all the projects came together and so proud to see my class share their life experiences with the community. It was truly a rewarding experience for my students and myself. They worked so hard and made a lasting impression in not only my heart, but also the community’s as well.

These moments in teaching are what makes the job more than a job. I love any opportunity to learn and to see my students making a difference. I came home from the event with so much knowledge about cultures around the world. This in turn gave me so much insight into my students lives. What a privilege to be able to have this experience with my students. I challenge any teacher out their to create events or assignments like this one where the students can share their lives and teach you a little about themselves and the world around them.

I want to thank all of my students for working hard and sharing a Slice of their Lives with me. I cannot wait to get to know about each of you more!!

A Note to my Readers: My goal is to write everyday in March to meet the Slice of Life challenge by twowritingteachers. Hope you enjoy the stories about my everyday life!