For my mom’s Valentine’s Day present, my dad got her a puppy. He is a puggle (pug and beagle mix). We named him Mad Max which now I’m starting to think is a jinx. When Max first arrived at his new home, he was calm and sweet. He loved cuddling up with you and enjoyed just walking around the house as he got used to his surroundings. That lasted maybe two days. Now he is the most hyper-active dog I have ever seen in my life. He jumps on everything, chews on anything, and tries to get the other dogs we have rowdy too.

Today, for example, he came up to my room all cute and sweet. I thought maybe he wanted to curl up on my bed and watch the morning news with me. Boy was I wrong! He took my slipper off my foot and ran off with it. Not only did he take it, but also he hid it. I could not find it anywhere. It took me ten minutes before I found it under our sofa. The dog is a menace! Like I said, I think our name for him jinxed his personality. He will forever be our mad dog, who gets into everything and tries to destroy everything in his wake. Don’t get me wrong, the dog is very cute, but I cannot wait for him to get out of his puppy stage.

Dog owners out there, if you have any suggestions on puppy training, I am all ears! We definitely are going to need help with this one!!TTTTidysasiudsgfhus