Having Lunch with Three Year Olds

I am a teacher of three-year-olds at Primrose School of Dublin. Everyday I eat lunch with my class. Lunch can be a busy time. I must serve the kids food and help them clean up as they finish. They can make some enormous messes. Can you imagine taco day with three-year-olds? There’s cheese, meat, and lettuce everywhere… and guess who gets to clean it up? Being with young kids is lively. They say hilarious things. For example, I was asking the kids to raise their hands if they wanted more tacos and as I ask the child with the raised hand if they wanted more they say, “No, I just wanted to tell you I’m going to Mexico.” When I asked their parents later if they were going, they said no. My kids want love to make up stories and with their imaginative brains always make up the best ones. While lunch is busy, I always enjoy this time the most because I really get time to sit and chat with my students about anything they want to share about. Even if it is about a fake trip to Mexico!