My goal for this challenge was to write a post everyday. Sadly I was unable to post last night all due to a migraine. My post today will center around my stresses in the classroom and how I deal with them. I hope that any first year teachers or even veteran teachers might find this post helpful.

I am going to start with the fact that my kids are great! At times though, I am clueless on how to help them succeed in our structured environment. I teach at a center that runs like a school for preschool aged children. If you have ever been around 3-4 year olds, then you know they like to express themselves freely, test boundaries, and play creatively. While some of these traits can be very positive, at times they can negatively effect my classroom as well. Lately, my students have been harming each other to the point that I am writing incident reports everyday. This was not my classroom a month ago. Everything I try, from moving kids to other groups, playing more movement games, talking about our rules, and role playing how to handle conflict have not been very successful. Luckily I have lots of support from the other teachers in the building. Yesterday, I went to a couple of other classrooms and brainstormed ideas. I am very excited to try these new ideas and hope to see a change in my class.

Something I have learned over the years of my young teaching career is to not to be afraid to admit that you need help. There are so many people out there who can help support you if you just take the time to use them. I am so happy I learned this early because it truly does help me feel like I’m not alone out there. I encourage teachers out there to use each other as a resource. Sometimes others can see things that you might not. We are all in this together!