The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are loved! Today when I walked into my preschool classroom, I felt like a celebrity as each of students came running to me, calling my name, and wanting a hug. They all said they missed me this morning and were concerned as to why I was at school so late. It brought tears of joy to my eyes as I reflected about how much we have grown together as a class. My little preschoolers are growing up to be big boys and girls. I am so proud of all the progress we have made.

When I started the year, I was told I had the worse class in the building. My goal ever since then has been to help my class prove the whole building wrong. Together, we have done just that! Everyone now says, “Wow, I cant believe how well your class does during centers” or “Wow, your kids are being so quiet!” These kids just needed a little extra love and patience. They were not the worse class in the whole building. These boys and girls are smart and creative, they love with all their heart, and are passionate about everything! I could not have asked anything more out of this group!! They have taught me so much about teaching, building impactful relationships, and how to stay positive. I am so privilege to have been a part of these kids developmental milestones! What is even more heart warming is hearing that the kids say they miss me when they are at home and one kid even refers to me as “My Miller” instead of “Ms. Miller.” His mom tried to correct him and he said “no mom, she is My Miller.” I’m glad that he is enjoying school and has such a positive relationship with his teachers!   It truly is the best feeling to be loved!

Thought I would share my celebration!! Hope all of you experience this love with your kids or students!